Information we collect about our website users

Functional cookies

            These cookies are used to check whether a user has provided consent for the use of cookies.

            Retention period:  13 months (cookieconsent_status)  & session for the others.

Tracking cookies

            This cookie is used to check whether a user is a new visitor or has been here before. Retention period:  13 months

      This cookie is used to analyse what pages a user visits during its browsing session. Retention period: 30 minutes

Cookies used enable us to track the following information about visitors:

The first-party cookie also contains following information:

The data collected contain no personal information and cannot be used to identify a particular visitor. Persistent cookies contain no personal information; a random ID is generated by Piwik to identify returning users. The persistent cookies have an expiration date of 13 months, after which the browser disregards them.

We use this information to optimize browsing experience and to be able to get insight on visitor’s interest.

Do not track

We support the Do Not Track preference that can be configured in your browser. When this feature is enabled, you cannot opt-in for tracking.


Our webservers generate logs when the website is visited. Typically following information is present in these files:

These logs allow us to obtain website usage information, similar to the cookies, however less detailed and provide useful information in case of website issues. Furthermore, these files are actively monitored to detect abuse and to initiate an appropriate reaction. This information will under normal circumstances never be provided to a third party. Exception is the detection of abuse, in which case they could be sent to relevant authorities.

Contact data

When you use the contact form, we will store following information:

This data will be used to analyze your request and to be able to contact you and provide and answer to your inquiry. We will keep this data in our records for 12 months. By using the form you give your consent to Bluet BVBA to process your data.